Personal data and data protection

Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds protect personal privacy and we always strive for a high level of data protection for the personal data we process.

Below is a description of how we within Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds work with data protection, as well as what rights you have as a registered person and how you can enforce them.

A large part of our personal data processing takes place in the capacity that we are a so-called personal data assistant for our clients, the unemployment insurance funds.

This means that a register extract from us, according to Article 15 of the data protection regulation, will not show personal data that is processed due to, for example, membership in an individual fund. To access this information, you should instead contact the relevant unemployment fund directly.

In general, Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds may have information about you, for example if you applied for a job with us, were employed by us or were in contact with us in some other way, for example via e-mail.

We also process personal data for our employees as well as personal data that appears on this website. For this personal data processing, Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds, is the personal data controller. We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data protection regulations in all our personal data processing.

How do we process your personal data?

Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds usually process personal data in our operations with the support of a legal obligation, balance of interests, agreement or consent.

We work with high security in all our personal data processing and we take both technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized processing.

We are open and transparent with how we process personal data and you always have the right to request a so-called register extract of the personal data that we process about you.

Information can be provided, among other things, about which personal data is processed, purpose, storage period, who has received the data and about where the information has been collected.

It is important to us that you feel secure in our processing of your personal data. You are always welcome to contact us with any questions or to protect your rights.

Nina Okada is Sweden’s unemployment insurance company’s data protection officer. To contact the data protection officer, send an e-mail to: